What is a Salon?

A salon is, traditionally, a gathering of people for the purpose of discussing ideas. The purpose of this website is to facilitate a discussion around the idea of listening. Below you will find several salons, each centered on an aspect of listening. To participate please click on a salon, click on the join button, and follow the prompt.


Perspectives for Studying Listening

Dr. Halley discusses three of the perspectives used by scholars to study listening. Please watch the video before commenting or asking questions. https://youtu.be/BnR-BJ24kR4

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Listening: how would you define it?

Most often we notice the importance of listening in its absence! I’ve learned a good deal about listening by neglecting to.  Unfortunately that’s how I’ve learned its value. I’ve argued in my listening class for years that we do not value listening in American...

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Listening Begins in Social Community

A few of you may have read a bit of this content posted elsewhere sometime ago (on FB 2013) while I was still teaching at Boise State (my last semester was fall of 2015). In spite of my retirement status, now that it’s fall 2017 I can’t suppress the feeling – that I’d...

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Join The Conversation!

Listen Here!

Welcome to Listen4AChange! You are invited to share your understanding of listening and learn more about what listening really amounts to. Listening changes our worldviews and thus our worlds.

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