What is a Salon?

A salon is, traditionally, a gathering of people for the purpose of discussing ideas. The purpose of this website is to facilitate a discussion around the idea of listening. Below you will find several salons, each centered on an aspect of listening. To participate please click on a salon, click on the join button, and follow the prompt.


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Listening: how would you define it?

Most often we notice the importance of listening in its absence! I’ve learned a good deal about listening by neglecting to.  Unfortunately that’s how I’ve learned its value. I’ve argued in my listening class for years that we do not value listening in American...

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Listening Begins in Social Community

A few of you may have read a bit of this content posted elsewhere sometime ago (on FB 2013) while I was still teaching at Boise State (my last semester was fall of 2015). In spite of my retirement status, now that it’s fall 2017 I can’t suppress the feeling – that I’d...

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Listening and BS (Blame and Shame)

For the past four Sundays this December I have been attending Advent services at at local Boise Anglican congregation, where I have participated in the Eucharist meal, after several years abstaining, returning to again partake in communion.   Something of an...

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Being Listening and Transcending Will

I wonder about the capacity for openness and intimacy when listening.  Though I’ve defined listening as the desire to be intimately present to the meaning of another, I readily admit this seems a rare occurrence.  A significant factor is the impediment of will, i.e.,...

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Asleep and Listening — Rumi

Try listening to another in a way that Rumi describes below — see if indeed their meanings essences are unleashed — as Bachelard reminds us “An ear that is intent is trying to see.” “Day before yesterday, fire whispered to the fragrant smoke, Aloes wood loves me,...

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Peace & Love & Listening

I am taken with the ambiguity listeners must navigate in everyday ordinary speech acts (read every conversation).  The point of listening is often to ‘settle’ something — I find that’s when I become pretty ‘serious’ as a listener.  Were that it were easy; that my...

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Netherlands Listening Marathon

Dear friends, Next Monday in the Netherlands a listening marathon will start for a week at the broadcaster 'Human' on the radio. People will listen to stories from known and unknown Dutch people for a week. Who are they, how do they think, what do they feel? On...

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