Listening entails a shift in perspective; rather than think of this activity of perspective taking as an ‘unmovable object’ we may find an ease in doing so by considering it an adventure rather than an obligation. Jean Gebser speaks of aperspectivalism which involves visiting numerous perspectives without settling too firmly in any perspective. The site linked here is a very helpful resource to aid in exposure to a multitude of stimulating perspectives that help with integrating points of view, Mike Purdy refers to Gebser’s idea as an opening into conscious listening. Maureen Duke’s site is conducive to listening to relevant perspectives that can aid in developing conscious-listening. I encourage you to explore and enter the ‘field’ of conscious listening.

Free Listening  Project

Born on the streets of Los Angeles, California, Urban Confessional began as a community of actors determined to challenge the status quo. Every week, they stood on street corners in LA with signs that read “Free Listening” and opened their hearts to anyone who needed to laugh, cry, scream, or chat. Over the years, the community has grown to include people from all walks of life across 6 continents, 50 countries, and 40 states. Click here to find out more about the guy who started it.

Global Listening Center

All around the world the need to listen is a recognized priority; visit this site for any number of discussions that look for practical ways to realize the transformation promised in listening.

Tamsin Hartley The Listening Space

Tamsin Hartley’s book “The Listening Space: A New Path to Personal Discovery” ingeniously lives up to its promise to provide practical tools that will transform the way you listen to yourself and to others.  A truly artful handbook that is easy to follow but profound for its depth, well organized for experiential engagement, and nicely illustrated memory aids. Follow Tamsin’s Blog for sound insights and instructions.

Avi Kluger

Avi Kluger discusses frankly the importance of honoring one’s own emotions in order to honor the emotions of another as we listen.

Linda Eve Diamond

Linda Eve Diamond’s website Listeners Unite has very practical information for those interested in listening.

Mark Nepo

One of my favorite reads that I’ve used in recent listening workshops is Mark Nepo’s “Seven Thousand Ways to Listen: Staying Close to What is Sacred.”  It is very personal and easy to read with journal exercises that help readers get at their listening issues.  I highly recommend this for anyone interested in the numerous ways we come to listening events.

Diane Millis

Diane Millis’ book “Conversation the Sacred Art: Practicing Presence in an Age of Distraction” comes highly recommended; it is a helpful resource for those interested in increasing their capacity to listen deeply; Millis’ work draws on numerous spiritual traditions.

"We empty of their humanity those to whom we deny speech."

-George Steiner

"God is the listener inside all of us."


"Narcissism is the antithesis of listening."

- Patrick Cronin