Listen 4 A Change is hosting our first virtual workshop, Self Talk, on Dec 4th-5th. This workshop is completely free. You can donate on our website if you want to.  
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About Workshop
This is an exploratory and strategy based workshop that teaches the meaningfulness of intrapersonal listening (listening that occurs within oneself) relative to other listening contexts.  Participants are challenged to develop self awareness and mindfulness of the self—the intra-structure—in all listening contexts.  Participants discover how self-talk and intrapersonal listening counters both external and internal preoccupations that compete for the listener’s attention.  Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to recognize covert and overt aspects of their listening behaviors, and to understand their responsibility and power as listeners in the intrapersonal communication context.

"We empty of their humanity those to whom we deny speech."

-George Steiner

"God is the listener inside all of us."


"Narcissism is the antithesis of listening."

- Patrick Cronin