Dear friends,
Next Monday in the Netherlands a listening marathon will start for a week at the broadcaster ‘Human’ on the radio. People will listen to stories from known and unknown Dutch people for a week. Who are they, how do they think, what do they feel? On Tuesday I will be standing for an hour with a sign “Free Listening” in Breda in the company of two reporters from the radio. I will listen and in the meantime talk about the importance of listening in our society.

We also have three pages in a Dutch magazine about listening (I would love to send it to you but none of you read Dutch:-)), and I presented to 30 CEO’s of our country our initiativeNederland Luistert. As a theme for 2019, we chose: Listening Leadership.

Last week Nederland-Luistert became a partner ofLiving Room Conversations. We are so happy to be connected with them. Don’t forget theNational Conversation week in April!!

Did you already notice Listen First Friday on Social Media? #listenfirstfriday A great initiative of Graham and Pearce. Don’t forget the National Conversation week in April!!

You will find Some on to tell it too onSpotify!! Here you can also find a podcast with our friends of Urban Confessional

John and I are trained byECHO Listening Intelligence to become a certified practitioner.  We hope to be certificated at the end of the month. If you don’t know ECHO, please have a look at their website!!  

Next week we will visit our dear friend Avi in Israel to continue working on listening together.

June 4 I will lecture about listening about the energy transition in our country for one of the largest newspaper in the Netherlands.

But now I am working on a lecture for Wednesday about how to listen to people with dementia. 

I live in a very small country in Europe. But I am so grateful to be connected with all of you….together we can make this world a better place to live by listening.

Hug, Corine


Corine Jansen
I study, lecture and practice Listening | Co-founder Nederland Luistert | A Narrative (Health) Care Practitioner
Breda, The Netherlands
+31 683 90 8807
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